The Morteratsch Campsite is located in the midst of a typical alpine scenery. Our unique setting between little streams, lakes and small woods is acompanied by a breathtaking view onto the peaks and summits of the famous Bernina range. The modern infrastructure is not only offering a high comfort for all guests, its ecological standards are also meeting the latest requirements, as we highly value our prescious landscape.


  • -          Widespread and naturally kept camping area with 2 lakes and multiple streams
  • -          Modern and highly maintained sanitary facilities
  • -          Good connections to public transportation
  • -          4 world class skiing areas that individually reach up to 3000 Meters and offer a total  of     350 kilometers of high quality slopes
  • -          Over 200 kilometers of carefully prepared nordic slopes
  • -          Multiple hiking routes available, also during winter
  • -          Roughly 400 kilometers of bike trails including jaw dropping sceneries
  • -          Via ferrattas and outdoor rock climbing options within close range

Following infrastructure is offered on the Morteratsch Campsite

-          3 Sanitary facilities (only one is offered during winter season)

o   2 modern and handicapped accessible sites

o   1 older construction

-          Gricery store including:

o   Fresh goods

o   Household and camping goods

o   Gas and accessoires

o   Electrical accessoires

-          Common roomincluding:

o   Seating for up to 40 persons

o   Information corner

o   Kitchen for individual use

o   TV


-          Sauna:

o   View onto Piz Palü, for up to 4 persons



-         Restaurant:

o   Restaurant,. in summer with terrasse

o   Bistro within the shop

o   Tipi – our special all-year-round restaurant offer



-         Waste removal station for campers and caravans


-        Gas service:

o   Propane gas tanks in exchange 5kg/11kg

o   Full butane gas product line from „Campinggaz“

o   Gas refill station for foreign tank systems

o   Repair service and accessories

-          Internet: Wifi hotspot free of charge

-          Playground

-          Ping-Pong Table

-          Bike rental in the summer

-          Drying room with dehumidifier

-          Shoe storage room

-          Ski- and waxing room

-          Laundry washer and dryer


Persons                                                                                                            CHF



Price includes following fees:

visitor’s tax, transportation tax, waste management fee                                   13.00


Youth (12-15 year old)

Price includes following fees:

visitor’s tax, transportation tax, waste management fee                                    9.00


Kids (6-11 year old)                                                                                            5.00

Dog fee                                                                                                               4.00


Camp site

Caravan + Car                                                                                                   18.00

Camper/RV  (more than 3.5t)                                                                            21.00

Camper/RV  (less than 3.5t)                                                                              16.00

Minivan (max. size VW-Bus)                                                                              14.00

Tent, small (max 2 persons)                                                                                 9.00 

Tent, big                                                                                                             14.00                                                                           

Car                                                                                                                       5.00

Motercycle                                                                                                            3.00


Electricity fee 6-13 A/Night Summer                                                                    3.50

                                                Winter                                                                   4.50


Unused Camp lots/Night

Extra fee for empty instalations                                                                           5.00


We accept credit and debit cards and also Maestro card

Fullfill your dream of flying

The dream of flying has been present for ages for mankind. Taking off and experiecing the world from above through a bird’s eye view is truly an unmatchable and unforgetable adventure. Thanks to paragliders, this dream is nowadays easily and safely satisfyable. The Morteratsch Campsite is the base for passenger flights within the Oberengadin valley all year round.


One of many scenic bike trails in the Oberengadin valley leads directly through the campsite.

Unforgetable guided mountainbiking in the « Flowcountry Engadin »

In case you are interested to explore the beautiful and seemingly endless bike trails of the Oberengadin under supervision of a professional guide, come visit the Engadin Bike School:

The Morteratsch Campsite is the first choice basecamp for following excursions and activities :

Summer :

-          Hiking, trekking and Nordic Walking

-          Alpine tours (information at « Bergsteigerschule Pontresina » or « Go vertical »)

-          Rock climbing (closest crag only 15 min walking distance)

-          Via ferrata (La Resgia – Pontresina, Piz Trovat – Diavolezza)

-          High rope crag in Pontresina

-          Swimming in the Lej Aratsch (small lake right by the campsite)

-          Biking (the Engadin is offering over 400 kilometers bike trails in various difficulties)


-          Nordic skiing (the campsite is located right by the regional cross-country grid, which is 150 kilometers long and includes both skating and classic slopes)

-          Skiing and snowboarding within the multiple skiing areas in the Oberengadin (direct connection from the campground by public transportation)

-          Snowkiting (well known and closest spot: Bernina Pass at N wind)

-          Sledging (Muottas Muragl, Preda – Bergün)

-          Ice Skating and curling in Pontresina (Sportpavilion)

-          Winter hiking

Allseason offers:

-          Bellavist swimming pool in Pontresina

-          Ridein the RHB (UNESCO World Heritage), closest train station Morteratsch within 1 kilometer from the campsite)

…in case you should still get bored at the Morteratsch Campsite, please feel free to stop by and ask for secret tipps.

Reservation and Information

Important notes for reserving a camping lot


Summer season :

Be sure to reservate your personal favorite lot by paying a 30 CHF reservation fee and a 120 CHF pre-payment. The minimum required duration of your stay is now 7 days. Also note that both payments made, won’t be refunded in case you cancel your reservation.

Please fill out the form underneath and let us know when and which lot you would like to book (Please add the color of the chosen lot). We will do our best to find a lot according to your preferences and confirm your reservation.



There are no precise reservations possible during wintertime. Please inform us before your estimated arrival so we can assure that there will be enough lots available.



Following lodging options are available for each a maximum of 4 persons.

-          3 Alpine Style Huts, 1 wooden barrel for 2 persons

-          2 Caravans including an extended tent

-          1 Three room holiday apartment in Chesa Piz Alv in Pontresina


Alpine Style Huts

Connecting the flair of the naturally kept Morteratsch campsite with the comfort of a functional lodging opportunity, is now possible and available for our guests. The huts are specially handcrafted, durably made for the upper Engadin valley to withstand all weather conditions and hold up to 4 persons each. The beds come including sheets and the kitchen is fully equipped.

The huts are just a few meters away from our modern sanitary buidling and the main building including shop and Wifi connection, the huts are therefore not equipped with a water connection.



Prices starting at 60-80 CHF depending on the season and the specific hut. Visitor’s tax per person and night will be added according to the pricelist and as well as a 50 CHF cleaning fee.

Reservations will be accepted from a minimum duration of 3 days.


Rental caravans on the campsite

We also rent out 2 fully equipped caravans directly on the campsite, so you can enjoy a realxed stay in the middle of nature without having to bring all your camping gear.



Both caravans provide :

-          Spaceous add-on tents in front of the caravan including seating options

-          Kitchen with fridge, gas stove and, an oven

-          Cooking and dining dishes

-          4 sleeping options including sheets



The all-inclusive offer per caravan and night (including electricity, gas, waste removal fee and sheets)

Caravan „Bellavista“                                                                                 65 to 90 CHF

Caravan „am Bach“                                                                                      80 to 105 CHF

Alpine Style Hut                                                                                        60 to 85 CHF

Adults (including visitor’s tax and public transportation fee)                                      13.00 CHF

Youth (12-15 years)                                                                                                     9.00 CHF

Children (6-11 years)                                                                                                   5.00 CHF

Final cleaning fee Caravan                                                                                        70.00 CHF

Final cleaning fee Alpin style hut                                                                               50.00 CHF